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WotanServer guide



Please note the guides are only guidelines as it varies a bit depending on model and software version.
  1. Before we start, make sure you have installed drivers for the USB-cable: Driver Guide
  2. Download the software from the link in the email you received from us with login information.
  3. Open the client. Right click and choose 'Run as administrator'.
  4. Press Start in the software and connect your phone by pressing and holding C till the software reacts (On W880i you need to press to button just above C).
  5. Correct model and newest firmware is selected automaticly. You must just select wanted language pack (CDA). See below for languages in the different packs. Always go for a Generic package. For Nordic countries, always use Generic Europe 4 or Generic Nordic. Make sure Finalized is ticked and then press Continue to start flashing your Sony Ericsson.
  6. When finished WotanServer will tell you Finished OK and your phone has been flashed correctly.

WotanServer CDA
Dansk: Generic Nordic / Generic Europe 4
English: Generic Western Europe / Generic Europe 1
Svenska: Generic Nordic / Generic Europe 4
Norsk: Generic Nordic / Generic Europe 4
Deutsch: Generic Western Europe / Generic Europe 2


1. The software gives wrong username / password.
Please copy/paste the username (E.g.: 837213), password (E.g.: mcx6rghS) into the correct fields in the Settings tab and press Save.

2. Nothing happens when I connect my phone to the software.
Either your drivers are not installed correctly, or you do not connect the phone correct. To connect it correct, please press and hold the specific buttons before, during and up to 10 seconds after you connect the phone. To make sure the drivers are OK, please read our Driver guide.

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